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Located just off Main Street in historic Woodstock, VA, the Brewhouse is housed in a recently renovated industrial-age gem of a building. Originally known by long-time residents of Woodstock as the Casey Jones work clothes factory, the venue provides a grand experience from the moment you walk through the doors.  

Painstaking effort has been made to restore the structure to its original glory, from the grand 14-foot ceilings to the aged and worn wood flooring. Our goal has been to keep the structure as authentic as possible.


The Brewers



The owners of Woodstock Brewhouse are local Shenandoah Valley residents who all share a love for our community and a passion for craft brewing (both making and drinking).  Having been home-brewers for years, the opportunity to make larger batches of favorite recipes to share with the public is exciting and, perhaps, a little intimidating.  

No one person’s tastes are the same and the owners of the Brewhouse are no different. This assures that we provide a variety of beers to sample and enjoy.  We make every effort to source local ingredients, and take advantage of the bounty of the Shenandoah Valley.



Brite Blonde Ale

Made with Willamette Hops this Ale is an easy-to-drink low ester ale with a nice balance between the malt flavor and low bitterness.

5.25% abv  •  18 ibu

Seven Bender - american pale ale

Made with American hop varieties, this is a medium ester (fruitiness) Ale with light bittering and a smooth balance between the malt flavor and hops.

7.5% abv  •  35 ibu

Beckford Parish – Extra Pale Ale

A smooth easy drinking Pale Ale with a crisp citrus finish thanks to the Simcoe hop additions. This ale is fairly hoppy and slightly bitter thanks to the Chinook hops, with some floral and pine hints.

7.1% abv  •  59 ibu

Crow’s Provender – India Pale Ale

A rigorous hop schedule provides this beer with a nose that is rich in hop character and a taste that is simultaneously punchy and soothing with enough bitterness to satisfy a hophead.

10.2% abv  •  130 ibu

Tipsy Squirrel – Nut Brown Ale

Our Nut Brown Ale uses a little more malt than the typical brown ale to get that malty flavor, plus a little extra Victory malt for that touch of nuttiness that squirrels like.

6.2% abv  •  25 ibu

Casey Jones Vanilla Porter

A rich smooth Porter with hints of rum and molasses and nice coffee background flavor with the infusion of fragrant vanilla provided by Madagascar vanilla beans.

6.3% abv  •  48 ibu    

Tower Stout

This is a jet black stout with a pronounced roasted coffee like flavor and wonderful mouth feel, nitrogenated for a rich creamy head. 

4.9% abv  •  37 ibu

Muellerstadt MarzenBier lager

Märzen (Mayrt-zen) was historically brewed in Bavaria from March through the end of October, it was the beer served at the Original Oktoberfest celebration, which originated as a wedding reception for the King Ludwig I and Maria Theresa. Our Märzen is an extremely smooth, auburn colored Bavarian lager with a mildly sweet, Munich malt finish that exhibits a caramel malt aftertaste, with very low bitterness.

7.0% abv  •  18 ibu

red banks irish red ale

Our Irish Red Ale is smooth with a toasted malt flavor and a deep red color with low bitterness that provides a nicely balanced easy to drink ale with great aroma and flavor.

6.8% abv  •  23 ibu

Paysan Saison

A Belgian style traditionally made in farmhouse breweries during spring but delicious all year long. A terrifically complex beer arising from the interaction of simple ingredients. The Styrian & East Kent Goldings Hops provide just the right amount of bitterness & floral overtones, and the yeast adds a spicy, peppery and earthy taste reminiscent of coriander seeds. This beer has a dry finish with low bitterness that is perfect for a warm spring day, or any other.

7.6% abv  •  26 ibu



*This menu is served Sunday 12-8pm and Monday - Thursday 4-8pm.


In addition to regular tastings of our signature beers, we’re happy to share our space with award-winning 1752 Barbecue -  another Shenandoah Valley vendor who regularly competes, quite successfully, in competitions around the region.


*This menu is served Fridays and Saturdays starting at 12pm.  
(check our social media sites for updates on menu and hour changes) 



Smoked with just the right amount of Virginia white oak, our brisket the perfect blend of pepper and smoke. Add some of our Virginia Red Sauce and you will be in brisket heaven!

1 lb: $18 •  1/2 lb:  $9 •  1/4 lb:  $ 4.50


Traditional Virginia barbecue. Fire, smoke, and a little spice is all that is needed to take you back to the beginning of American barbecue. Pairs perfect with our Virginia Thin or Virginia Brown Sauce.

1 lb: $14 •  1/2 lb:  $7 •  1/4 lb:  $ 3.50


Our smoked turkey breast is a tribute to the rich history of poultry production in the Shenandoah Valley.  We have poultry in our blood! It pairs well with all three of our sauces.

1 lb: $16 •  1/2 lb:  $8 •  1/4 lb:  $4


Pork ribs have a special place in American barbecue. Ours are seasoned with our Virginia barbecue rub and smoked till the meat pulls cleanly from the bone.  Served without sauce so pair it with your own favorite!

Full Rack:  $22 •  1/2 Rack:  $12 •  3 Ribs: $6



Served with 2.oz. of slaw and pickles on the side.

Regular: $4 •  Large: $8


pulled pork SANDWICH

Served with 2.oz. of slaw and pickles on the side.

Regular: $4 •  Large: $6


sausage sliders

   Served with slaw, tomato,  and pickles on top.

$3 each

The tower sandwich

   pulled pork, beef brisket, Virginia bacon, slaw
with mac & cheese sauce and pickles on top.

$9 each


   sliced turkey, Virginia bacon, melted swiss cheese
with slaw, tomato, and pickles on top.

$8 each


Green Beans, Brown Beans, Potato Salad

Single: $3 • Family: $8

Mac & Cheese

Single: $3 .50 • Family: $10

Cole Slaw

Single: $2 • Family: $5



GEAR & gift cards

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We've got gear and gift cards for sale at the Brewhouse.

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123 E. Court Street, Woodstock, VA 22664


Mon - Tues: 4 - 8pm

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 Sat: 12 - 11pm

Sun: 12 - 8pm

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